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Eurovo s.r.l.

Egg and egg-product producer

More time to manage the supervision of each stage of production, beginning with feed

"Our strength is the supply chain, and we perform a million analyses every year on all processes involved. Our farms are regularly inspected with a focus on animal welfare, with even our house-produced feed coming under inspection.

The analysis of the feed, beginning with the raw material, is key for detecting possible mycotoxins. From about 200 samples analyzed per week by hand,  Automade has enabled us to automate the analytical process, freeing up our staff to devote their time to other activities to ensure the quality of the raw materials and the final product.

Thanks to the automation equipement provided by Automade, we can now simultaneously manage 4 methods in the same analytical session (DON, FUMO, T2 and Afla totals).

The Automade team has allowed us to manage multiple fast methods that usually have different incubation periods all at the same time, in order to optimize our timing and meet the analytical requirements".

Latteria di Soligo - Even more safety for consumers

"For many years now, the Soligo Dairy has implemented a plan for testing for aflatoxin M1 in milk that ensures the constant and daily monitoring of samples from the cooperative members' dairy farms. Given the high number of analyses, the cooperative has been forced to search for methods and tools that would allow it to simplify sample management, guaranteeing standards that are both robust and standardized at the same time.
The automation of the aflatoxin M1 analysis method recommended by Automade has allowed us to increase the number of analyses carried out in the laboratory of our Caposile Milk Plant. Now it can also process milk samples from the other dairy farms and quickly verify whether they comply with current regulations.
The analyzer provided by Automade optimizes the quality of the results by automating certain analytical steps. In addition, Automade's specific design choice of a disposable tip further improves the reliability of the system by reducing possible cross-contamination.

Case Studies

Case Study

Labomar S.p.a.: Gluten is no longer a problem for analysts

Sector: Contract laboratory

Result: More tests run with the same resources

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